Your Donation...

Saves lives by...


  • Connecting and referring.
  •  Housing intensive outpatient services that include nutrition support, counseling, and art and group therapy.
  • Facilitating weekly in-person support groups for people in recovery.
  • Hosting weekly online support groups for people in recovery. 
  • Hosting monthly online support workshops for family and friends of a loved one who is struggling.

Educates communities by...

  • Teaching first-responders in school, medical, mental health, business, health/fitness, and other community settings about the signs and symptoms, what to do, and opportunities for prevention.
  • Empowering, interacting, and engaging high school and college-aged students. 
  • Informing our customers at Cafe at 407: our community cafe that supports the work of Ophelia's Place.
  • Disseminating symptom cards and treatment brochures.
  • Being a source of expertise in television and online media segments.

Empowers individuals by...

  • Leading Circles of Change: a movement to change the culture and conversation around health, beauty and body image.
  • Speaking and engaging audiences of all ages about how to reclaim our health, redefine beauty, and restore the relationship to our bodies; as well as emphasizing messages of self-love, expression, individuality, body neutrality, and heart. 
  • Cultivating and curating people (we call Warriors for Change) who are living this change.
  • Sharing Warriors for Change stories.
  • Creating products with body positive and neutral messages, where 100% of the profits supports Ophelia's Place. 
  • Passing out “Every Body Is Beautiful” clings and stickers.
  • Engaging our customers at Cafe at 407.