Educate and Empower Your Community

with Ophelia's Place presentations, workshops and trainings


Our staff's reputation as speakers is built on their ability to actively and warmly engage audiences in topics that are often difficult to talk about. We bring a unique multi-disciplinary and effective approach to wellness, body-image, and empowerment. 

Through the use of the Body Project curriculum, an evidence-based program sponsored by the National Eating Disorders Association, and a Health at Every Size approach created by Linda Bacon, PhD, Ophelia’s Place prevention and early intervention efforts aim to:

  • Increase body acceptance and self-esteem

  • Educate on eating disorder and disordered eating signs and symptoms

  • Promote access to treatment

  • Disrupt and reshape cultural norms around food, weight, exercise, health, and beauty ideals

How we can work together:


Lunch & Learns

Lunch & Learns are once monthly conversations held at Cafe at 407, with topics around health, food, beauty, body image, Intuitive Eating + more. Come for open conversation, delicious food from the cafe and community connection. Find more details and dates here.

Want to bring Lunch & Learns to your workplace or organization? We'll come to you! 


Presentations & workshops

Our team has decades of expertise in treatment, support, activism, and education, allowing us to provide programs designed to inspire through dynamic storytelling experiences. We are available for presentations, workshops, keynotes, and other speaking engagements. 

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Ophelia's Place Certified Educators

We know the immense need for education and prevention resources, and our answer to that call has been to create a team of volunteers who are dedicated to creating change and spreading awareness.  Our 'Ophelia’s Place Certified Educators'  create ongoing change within their own circles of influence by completing the NEDA Body Project Training and working with our lead educator for continuing education. This model continues to empower our community to create change, as well as enables us to expand our prevention efforts in a sustainable way.