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Our staff's reputation as speakers is built on their ability to actively and warmly engage audiences in topics that are often difficult to talk about. We bring a unique multi-disciplinary and effective approach to wellness, body-image, and empowerment. 

Through the use of the Body Project curriculum, an evidence-based program sponsored by the National Eating Disorders Association, and a Health at Every Size approach created by Linda Bacon, PhD, Ophelia’s Place prevention and early intervention efforts aim to:

  • Increase body acceptance and self-esteem

  • Educate on eating disorder and disordered eating signs and symptoms

  • Promote access to treatment

  • Disrupt and reshape cultural norms around food, weight, exercise, health, and beauty ideals

Programs We Offer:


Every Body is beautiful project digital course

In collaboration with our ‘Every Body is Beautiful Project', our signature digital course is a 4 month course, designed to help you gain a deeper understanding around eating disorder prevention and intervention, and strengthen your sense of body respect on both a personal and collective level. 

This program is for you if:

  • You'd like to increase your own body acceptance and self-esteem, or help others in your community to do the same

  • You're ready to disrupt and reshape cultural norms around food, weight, exercise, health, and beauty ideals

  • You're passionate about spreading awareness around eating disorder and disordered eating signs, symptoms, prevention and early intervention

  • You want to do your part to promote access to treatment

Participants will complete The Body Project training, along with other continuing education in the areas of prevention and early intervention, Health at Every Size, body acceptance, body composition, Intuitive Eating and more. 

Cost: $150 one time payment OR 4 monthly payments of $45

Participants can sign up at anytime. The course is paced to be completed within four months from the start date. 


the Body Project Training

The Body Project is an evidence based curriculum backed by NEDA that provides a forum for women and girls to confront unrealistic beauty ideals and engages them in the development of healthy body image through verbal, written, and behavioral exercises.

Ophelia’s Place staff is trained in The Body Project and offers this training to anyone in the community who has the desire to create ongoing change within their circle of influence; be it a school, place of business, organization or within their personal lives.

Educator’s Packages

Through our 17 year history we’ve found that we’re able to make the greatest impact when we focus on training teachers and staff resulting in an overall culture shift within the school, rather than focussing our resources on one-off classroom presentations. Our goal is to create the greatest impact possible resulting in lasting change in your school, we’d love for you to consider our Educator’s Package. 

Our Educator’s Packages are contracts designed for schools, universities, and other organizations that grant 6-12 teachers, nurses, social workers, and other key staff, parents, or leading students of your choice access to:

  • Our Every Body is Beautiful Project Digital Course

  • Our recommended protocol for connecting those you serve who may be struggling to treatment and support

  • And either a private Body Project Training or a Confident Body Confident Child Workshop

Presentations, workshops and Keynotes

Our team has decades of expertise in treatment, support, activism, and education, allowing us to provide programs designed to inspire through dynamic storytelling experiences. We are available for presentations, workshops, keynotes, and other speaking engagements. 

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student ambassador internship

Our Student Ambassador internship program is a remote learning experience aimed at empowering scholars of all ages who have a shared passion and heart for those struggling with eating disorders, disordered eating, and body image. 

It's designed to help students: make a tangible difference in the world; explore passions and be inspired; gain experience and knowledge; build their resume and portfolio; get career coaching and mentoring; and a better idea of which direction they want to pursue within the field.