Jill Catherine:

Jill Catherine's passion and enthusiasm for helping others feel whole in their body and follow their heart, is not only infectious, but authentic to her own journey and the way she lives her life. 

As a performance speaker, body image educator, cultural dancer/drummer, athlete, and communications professional, her work is expressed through keynote speeches, workshops, performances, wellness retreat facilitation, mentoring/coaching, and multimedia content. Since 2003, Jill has been working within the support/prevention/education arenas of eating disorders and body image with Ophelia’s Place; within the field of communications, with her last post as Director of Communications for the Division of Student Affairs at Syracuse University; and the arts as co-founder of Wacheva Cultural Arts. She is a graduate of Ithaca College.

Jill is available for keynotes, coaching, performances, and workshops. Contact her. (See Jill's CV)

We are not our bodies, we are not our thoughts. We are the ones moving through our bodies. We are the ones hearing our thoughts.
— Jill Catherine
Photo: Chris Szulwach 

Photo: Chris Szulwach 

Her Work:

Holli Zehring

Holli has a passion for sharing her story in the hopes that others will not feel alone. She believes change happens in a community where struggles are shared, openly discussed, and brought to light. She has navigated mental illness and an eating disorder while supporting her husband through medical school and raising two children. While the trials were extremely trying, they have ignited an unshakeable faith in Jesus, a huge heart for others struggling, and an incredible energy to impact those dealing with body hatred, yoyo dieting, and unrealistic beauty ideals. Holli speaks to the tangible elements that have aided her journey, and how suffering and faith exist.

Holli is based out of AZ and is available for keynotes and workshops. She would love to connect with you about being a warrior for change!

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Hope forces me to move when I want to disappear. It forces me to be seen and heard. It demands something from me… It demands that you keep on because there are people who love me and are counting on me, it tells me that even though I am feeling so worthless deep down I know the truth. The truth that I am valued and loved. That I am special and cherished.
— Holli Zehring


MaryEllen Clausen is widely recognized as an innovative leader in eating disorder prevention, education and advocacy. After her two daughters struggled with eating disorders and her family learned of the severe lack of eating disorders resources, MaryEllen envisioned a center that could offer support, encouragement and hope to those impacted by eating disorders. Out of her vision, Ophelia’s Place, a non-profit, was founded in 2002. In the past 14 years Ophelia’s Place has created a comprehensive model offering support, education, treatment and community. In 2009, she opened Café at 407, a café with a cause, offering community and a source of sustainability.  MaryEllen has been a recipient of NEDA’s Westin Family Award, the EDC Power of Action Award, the NYS Senate Women of Distinction Award, the Zonta Foundation Award and The Gifford Foundation Award.  She is a speaker at regional and national conferences including, MEDA, IADEP, NEDA, MHA, NAMI, and Women of Strength 2016.


MaryEllen is available for keynotes, and workshops. Contact her

I’ve witnessed community in a million ways. Community that shows up and believes in the power of goodness - community that blesses – just because.
— MaryEllen Clausen


Gillian mcgann

Gillian McGann is a story teller, an advocate, an athlete, and a body image educator. A passion for empowerment, justice, and education has fueled her work as the Director for Ophelia's Place. She finds her inspiration in the art and power of people's stories, the way it creates vulnerability, authenticity, joy and deep community. 

She has spent her entire professional life dedicated to women's empowerment and social justice. When she is not directing Ophelia's Place, she is mentoring middle and high-school students through Young Life, or training for the next big event. She is a graduate of Boston College. 

Gillian is available for keynotes, workshops, and mentoring. Contact her here. 

Loving your body, just as it is, is not impossible. For it is the very longing of your soul, to know that you are beautiful.
— Gillian McGann