MAryEllen Clausen:

MaryEllen Clausen is widely recognized as an innovative leader in eating disorder prevention, education and advocacy. After her two daughters struggled with eating disorders and her family learned of the severe lack of eating disorders resources, MaryEllen envisioned a center that could offer support, encouragement and hope to those impacted by eating disorders. Out of her vision, Ophelia’s Place, a non-profit, was founded in 2002. In the past 14 years Ophelia’s Place has created a comprehensive model offering support, education, treatment and community. In 2009, she opened Café at 407, a café with a cause, offering community and a source of sustainability.  MaryEllen has been a recipient of NEDA’s Westin Family Award, the EDC Power of Action Award, the NYS Senate Women of Distinction Award, the Zonta Foundation Award and The Gifford Foundation "Kathy" Award.  She is a speaker at regional and national conferences including, MEDA, IADEP, NEDA, MHA, NAMI, and Women of Strength 2016.


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I’ve witnessed community in a million ways. Community that shows up and believes in the power of goodness - community that blesses – just because.
— MaryEllen Clausen
Photo: Rachel Liz Photography

Photo: Rachel Liz Photography