Holli zehring:

Holli has a passion for sharing her story in the hopes that others will not feel alone. She believes change happens in a community where struggles are shared, openly discussed, and brought to light. She has navigated mental illness and an eating disorder while supporting her husband through medical school and raising two children. While the trials were extremely trying, they have ignited an unshakeable faith in Jesus, a huge heart for others struggling, and an incredible energy to impact those dealing with body hatred, yoyo dieting, and unrealistic beauty ideals. Holli speaks to the tangible elements that have aided her journey, and how suffering and faith exist.

Holli is based out of AZ and is available for keynotes and workshops. She would love to connect with you about being a warrior for change!

But the hope never stopped… It was never quiet. It gently pushed forward, it gently reminded me that I was worth it, that it was risky and wild and courageous to believe in something I didn’t even know existed… Freedom from the despair, from the illness.
— Holli Zehring